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Martin Kolb - I never wanted to be a doctor!

Martin Kolb - I never wanted to be a doctor!
If you have been leader at international Hotels like Holiday Inn, Wyndham, Radisson, Kempinski and others for more than20 years.
If you was challenged to be most of the time away from home and in difficult locations exposure.
If You are goood ballancer, having a  excellent relations with hotel owners and positive attitude towards your staff.
If you are aware with all hotel operations, all departments including Sales, Revenue Management, Marketing and Reservation, Finance, Human Resources and Engineering and in the same time you are originaly Swiss and Austrian - you are probably the perfect  General Manager!
I never wanted to become a Doctor, a Pilot or an Astronaut. I always wanted to be a Hotelier, a Host, since the days when I read Arthur Hailey's book "Hotels" and watched the series "Hotels" which played at the Fairmont San Francisco. 
Host, Hotelier! I do it from the bottom of my heart. I am operating hotels with the insight of an experienced Hotelier and with the touch and the soul of a Host. I know each and every department, operating or administration from my own hands and working experience. I do not run a Hotel by Excel sheets only! My innovation abilities do not stop short implementing I-Pads all over the Hotel. Hospitality is much more than just a job. I like what I do and it shows.

When asked, former staff would comment on me as follows:

Oh, he was strict, tough and fair, he walked the talk, he led by example and he knew what he was talking about. Sometimes we thought he must have been a Depeartment Head in each and every Department before becoming a GM. He brought many changes for the better to the hotel - 
for the guests, the staff and owners. He expected you to perform.

In short, I am a driver and not an amiable. I am Martin Kolb!
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